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Nominated for Best All Around Historical


Kimberly Cates holds your heart gently in her hands, weaving this tale with threads of glimmering golden hope, dark violence and earth shattering passion. GATHER THE STARS is a story of such emotional magnitude that readers will need a hanky or two. It is truly a gifted writer who has the ability to make a reader feel so deeply. Bravo, Ms. Cates! -- Kathe Robin, Romantic Times


 Outrage at war's savagery underlies the pages of Gather the Stars, giving a moral depth to Cates's (Stealing Heaven) splendid tale. Set in the aftermath of the 1746 battle of Culloden, the story centers around the arrogant Rachel de Lacey, daughter of a British general. She has vowed to wed the bravest man in England and, accordingly, is affianced to Sir Dunstan Wells, the "hero" who brutally decimated the Scottish troops of Bonnie Prince Charlie. Kidnapped by Dunstan's nemesis, the "Glen Lyon," Rachel gradually learns that true bravery lies not in killing and plunder but in gentleness and love. This finely crafted historical romance is a gem. --Publisher's Weekly


Kimberly Cates' hallmark intense emotions and exquisite prose, fill the pages of this exemplary romance. An utterly beautiful story that shines with the message that love not only heals, but allows us to grow, and that as we give of ourselves we receive so much more. Brava, Ms. Cates: another masterpiece.

Reviewed by:  Kathe Robin, Romantic Times


Hilarious, touching and suspenseful, Angel's Fall is a great, great read! You won't want it to end! With Angel's Fall, Kimberly Cates shows she's up there with the best! Great writing, witty characters, and a dazzling plot! Ms. Cates has created characters that sparkle with life, a plot that crackles with energy, and a romance that sings with passion and laughter! Annette Carney -- Literary Times, Inc



Crown of Dreams has everything I want in a romance, unforgettable characters, a tender and sweet love story, and an ending that was magical and surprising-- Jude Deveraux


Two words come to mind when I think of this book, 'delicious' and 'delightful'.  There were times when the story and the ambience were so beautiful that tears came to my eyes.  I absolutely adored Crown of Dreams." -- Linda Lael Miller


Cates' writing is so richly detailed we seem to be able to hear the clash of sword against sword.  -- New York Daily News


Irrepressible passion... delightful energy... exciting, satisfying, and most unusual."  --Publisher's Weekly. 


An absorbing tale of blazing passion and terrifying vengeance... Ms. Cates has created a vivid tableau of brilliant colors and full-blooded characters... Watch for more from Ms. Cates.  Her star is on the rise."  -- Romantic Times


Kimberly Cates writes with a unique blend of beauty, magic and power that never fails to touch me deeply-- Linda Lael Miller


Romantic and wonderful. -- Jill Barnett


Kimberly Cates is magnificent.  Her every book is to be treasured again and again-- Teresa Medeiros


Cates's writing is luxurious and introspective, the kind that one can curl up and get lost in-- Booklist


Her Magic Touch: (first published as Magic)

Top Pick and Winner: Best Historical and Time Travel  (as Magic)


Kimberly Cates is a magician with words as she weaves a spell of enchantment around readers. The joy of fairytales and the everlasting beauty of true lovemakes Magic wonderful; It's a tale full of belief in everything good, heroic, chivalrous, and mystical-- Kathe Robin, Romantic Times


Cates uses Celtic lore and Irish tradition laced with humor and shimmering sensuality to produce an engaging, well-written story."--Library Journal (as Magic)


The joy of fairy tales and the everlasting beauty of true love make Magic wonderful.  It's a tale full of belief in everything good, heroic, chivalrous, and mystical"-- Romantic Times  (as Magic)


Kimberly Cates prose reminds us of a magical childhood tale where good triumphs and the princess saves the prince. This beautiful romance leaves an indelible mark on the soul. BRIAR ROSE will lift your spirit and make you believe that fairy tales can come true.   Top Pick -- Romantic Times


Lush and lyrical... Kimberly Cates creates enchantment on every page-- Betina Krahn.


Briar Rose is everything a romance should be and more.  A haunting, beautifully written love story, it will stay with you long after the last page is turned-- Kristin Hannah author of The Nightengale



Top Pick, Romantic Times


Once again Kimberly Cates triumphs! This book has it all romance, adventure, treachery, revenge and betrayal. The writing is powerful and emotional. Readers will be enthralled! --Kathe Robin, Romantic Times


A classic fairytale with a fresh twist.  Kimberly Cates is an extraordinary storyteller.-- Jill Barnett


Kimberly Cates' talent shines through with Lily Fair-- a lush, passionate adventure-- Jill Marie Landis


Kimberly Cates is a magician with words. .. she weaves a spell of enchantment-- Romantic Times

Historical Romance of the Year Nominee


A powerful and enduring tale filled with the magic and lore of Ireland... This idyllic romance will capture readers' hearts.


Kimberly Cates will have you believing that butterflies are fairies and that the magic of love can set the princess free from the tower prison. Stunning in its emotional impact, glowing with the luminous beauty of the love between a man and a woman, and father and daughter, Stealing Heaven is another dazzling masterpiece from a truly gifted storyteller. Reading a novel by Kimberly Cates is sheer heaven.-- Kathe Robin, Romantic Times


Kimberly Cates has the talent to pull you into a story on the first page and keep you there.  Stealing Heaven is a finely crafted tale.. a tale you won't soon forget.  --Rendezvous


Stunning in its emotional impact, glowing with the luminous beauty of the love between a man and a woman... Stealing Heaven is another dazzling masterpiece from a truly gifted author--Romantic Times

Fun to imagine... Cates' books always have an enchanting quality. -- Southern Pines Pilot





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