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The Raider's Bride  

When a mischievous ward arrives at Ian Blackheath’s Virginia plantation, the sensual rogue is appalled. Little Lucy has a penchant for unearthing people’s secrets and Ian rides as Pendragon, the masked patriot the English fear.  He is stunned at his good fortune when English milliner, Emily Rose d’Autrecourt, agrees to become Lucy’s governess.  When Emily seized a fresh start in the colonies, she realized it might cost her life. But when Lucy steals a doll from Emily’s millinery shop, Emily realizes the she must get into Blackheath’s mansion to retrieve it or the child will be in peril.  The doll conceals evidence Emily’s dark and secret role as a British spy.  Suddenly, in a land racing toward revolution, Ian and Emily must choose.  With everything to lose, do they dare to risk their hearts? 


The Raider's Daughter

Mistress of rebellion… Lucy d’Autrecourt Blackheath, is liberty’s darling, embracing the fierce independence of her adopted father, the patriot raider, Pendragon. When a parcel arrives from England, unearthing a long-buried secret nothing can stop Lucy from pursuing the adventure she craves. Despite the love of her doting parents, she’s never forgotten the empty grave in England inscribed with her name, and an injustice waiting to be put right. Yet, as Lucy sails from Virginia, danger from her past is threatening everyone she loves. An imperious earl… Dominic St. Cyr, the fierce earl of Valcour, drove back the scandal attached to the St. Cyr name at the point of his sword and snatched Valcour’s estates from the brink of ruin. When a reckless American spitfire barrels into his duel in the middle of a gaming hell, he finds everything he’s worked for in peril. Ruthless Valcour has little choice but to force hoyden Lucy to wed him-- even though the defiant American despises him and his aristocratic world. To set a heart free… But as Lucy steps into Valcour’s mysterious world, she glimpses the man beneath the earl’s façade. Haunted by personal demons, Valcour hides a heart too tender, and secrets as painful as Lucy’s own. Can a patriot’s daughter enter the world revolution taught her to hate, and set Valcour’s heart free?

To Catch A Flame


When Lord Griffin Stone disarms the highwayman trying to rob him, he discovers his assailant is spitfire Isabeau DeBurgh. Unwilling to condemn her to hang or free her to steal again, Griffin decides to make her a lady—except Isabeau scorns the aristocrats she robs. Can love tame her wild heart?

To Chase the Storm

Phantom of the Midnight Sea:   Famed for outwitting Elizabeth Tudor’s sea dogs, Captain Rafael Santadar’s only mistress is the sea. But as Spain’s great Armada battles off of English coast, it seems his ‘lady’ has deserted him. Shipwrecked on hostile shores, he vows to find the traitor who sent his beloved crew to their deaths. But when he encounters a beautiful outcast in deadly peril, he must choose. Will he dare to sweep her to safety, even if it means risking his life?

Defiant Beauty:  As a creator of hauntingly lifelike marionettes, Tessa of Ravenscroft is suspected of witchcraft by the superstitious folk of Gnarlymeade. As the Armada threatens, the villagers blame Tessa and come to wreak vengeance. Rescued from certain death by a dashing stranger, she is horrified to discover he is a Spanish invader. Is it possible that the only person she can trust is her avowed enemy? 

Two glorious outcasts thrown together by destiny must forge a bond of trust as fate hurls them from the glittering world of Elizabeth I’s court to Spain’s dread Inquisition. Can they tempt the wrath of two worlds to forge a passion as deep as the ocean they love?

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