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Gather the Stars

  An English Patriot… British general's daughter Rachel de Lacy is betrothed to Sir Dunstan Wells, the hero of Culloden Moor, is a man determined to crush the highlanders forever. When she is kidnapped at an officer's ball  by her fiancé's nemesis—a fierce raider known as the Glen Lyon—she discovers the outlaw is none other than the branded coward Gavin Carstares, Earl of Glenlyon. 

  A Rebel Lord…  Haunted by the savagery of war, Gavin  intends to use Rachel de Lacy as a bargaining chip to gain freedom and passage to France for the widows and orphans he’s rescued from Sir Dunstan’s vengeful sword.

  A Price too High… As passion flames between captor and hostage, Rachel discovers a new meaning for the word courage and Gavin is faced with an impossible choice.  Can he return the woman he loves to his brutal enemy, even if that is the ransom he must pay to win his orphans their freedom? 


Angel's Fall

  The Prince of Sin…Legendary swordsman Adam Slade is finished with noble crusades.  Scarred by his time at Cullodion Moor, and his illegitimate birth, he hides behind a cynical façade and the name of Sabrehawk, selling his sword to the highest bidder.

   An Angel in Waiting… Vicar's daughter Juliet Grafton-Moore establishes Angel's Fall, a home where London's fallen women can find shelter from their past.  For her interference, Juliet is hated by peers and peasants alike, but she is determined to continue even as they plan to destroy her.

  A Light in the Dark… When Julie is attacked by an angry mob, Adam saves her, but the infernal woman refuses to stay rescued.  As passions flare  between them, Adam faces the fiercest battle of his life—keeping this innocent angel from falling into his arms.


Crown of Dreams

  A bright future… With Devlin Chastain's wedding to the Honorable Braden Tracey a mere two weeks away, she has everything to look forward to. That is until her scapegrace childhood nemesis, Lord Myles Farringdon, returns home to announce that he has joined Bonnie Prince Charlie’s cause. Devlin will do anything to get him to leave—especially after the blackguard kisses her—even if it means helping him escape as the dragoons arrive to arrest him.

         A dark lord… Myles Farringdon hadn’t intended on branding Devlin a traitor, but in her haste to be rid of him, she was seen by the king’s soldiers. Knowing she’ll be hanged if she is caught, Myles drags her onto his horse and rides with her to Scotland.

         A perilous journey… From the court of Prince Charles, to the crushing defeat at Culloden Moor, and to the search for a legendary Jacobite crown, Devlin and Myles face danger and betrayal, losing hope along the way, and nearly losing each other.


Crown of Mist

  An Irish Patriot... When Cromwell’s army invades Ireland, swordswoman Brianna Devlin defies her brothers and goes to fight beside them. When Drogheda falls, she crosses swords with an English lord as desperate to escape as she is.

  A Cavalier Spy... Lord Creighton Wakefield joined Cromwell's army to gather intelligence for his childhood friend who will one day be Charles II, but his mission has been discovered.  Wounded, he tries to flee the city with valuable information—but is stopped by a sword-wielding beauty, who means to take him down as one of Cromwell's men.

  An Unlikely Ally… Creigh realizes his best chance of escape lies with the Irish tigress and convinces her to join forces.  As Creigh and Brianna race toward the coast and freedom, the tides of civil war sweep them from Ireland, to the dungeons of the Tower of London, to the treacherous exiled court in France, where they find a sword filled with magic, and discover that the most dangerous risk they can take is to love each other.


A headstrong runaway:  When practical spinster Hannah Gray rescues her nephew Pip from his cruel father, she has no choice but to flee Ireland.  Once in England, fate hurls her onto the doorstep of notorious eccentric Austen Dante.  Aware that the isolated manor is the perfect place to hide Pip, Hannah takes a desperate gamble, pretending that she can transcribe Dante’s musical compositions—even though she can’t understand a single note.

A man of secrets:   Mercurial inventor and composer Austen Dante knows why he is called the “mad master of Ravenscar”.  Countless assistants have fled, unable to keep up with his frenetic work pace.  Yet Dante will trust no one with the reason for his race against time—or the secret that has shaped his solitary life.  When he plucks a ‘half-drowned Irish cat’ from a storm he never suspects that she will match his fire, but Hannah Gray is living a lie.

Can a love begun in deception survive when the truth is revealed in the harsh morning’s light? 


Morning Song

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